Having accepted oneself, there is no longer the pathological need to fuse with others, to dominate them or to own them. Nor is there the urge to hide out of fear of being dominated, controlled or hurt by others--Van Kalmhout, 1998

About Me


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About me

Pin Huang,

               is a down to earth person and therapist. She enjoys Knowing people, learning new things, traveling, drawing and reading. She is fascinated by learning about herself and other people and she feels great compassion for everyone! She is a deep thinker, a playful person, and she loves to be around people and to provide laughter!

          She believes everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. She understands how societal prejudices can be a barrier and how we can challenge those barriers. She also knows that everyone is different and his/her experiences are unique. If you're wondering whether she would be able to help you, just ask her!